Ongoing Quests & Party Objectives:

Main Quests:

Storm Rider Initiate

  • The party along with Caleva Vanamonen awoke in an unknown location. Best as anyone can recall the last thing you remembered was seeing a sudden violent storm appear – a massive super cell. After taking refuge in a mountain cave the party has uncovered clues to their abduction tying it to an unknown magically advanced civilization called the Harakan Empire The party stole a Storm Traveler Guild device – the Archeometer – and has begun to explore its secrets.
  • The party is trying to figure out how to operate the Archeometer through trial and error and/or finding help from an expert in magical devices.
  • The party learned that they’re “natural” storm riders. The Storm Traveler Guild requires the use of the Archeometer to travel by storm. The party learned there were “others” that had been taken prisoner by the Harakan Empire, possibly one of these prisoners knows more about storm riding. The party is trying to figure out what a storm rider is and how to use the supposed innate ability.
  • The party has learned about various places and factions in this world, however none of them are familiar to the party. The party is trying to figure out where in the world they’re and are looking for experts and/or maps of the area.

Side Quests:

Binker’s Deals
Use the honey to bait the flies that have been plaguing the cavern in ever greater numbers. Reduce the number of flies in the cavern complex near the sunken ship.

In return for helping slow the progression of the golem trackers the party agreed to help the Knazari retake a tower in the ruins that occupies an important strategic base of operations for the Knazari, and the party, to explore deeper into the ruins.

Harakan Empire
Discover what it is that the Harakan Empire has been searching for in the ruins of Vahari.

Vahari Ruins

Durga stole a strange book from the library in “Binker’s Hideout” – the secret hole in the wall rooms within the massive Vahari fortress Wambali – “Eagle’s Nest”. Durga’s theft sprung a trap where she, and Numa Mordo are now being hunted by two large stone golems. Binker told them that the golems will continue to hunt them even if they return or destroy the book and that they can either lure the golems into a trap or make a bath with iridium dust, the rare anti-magic metal, that would erase the trace the golems have on them.

Durga discovered a map of the Vahari Ruins that leads to the old temple district where there could be ancient artifacts. The map shows the temple area of the ruins that has yet to be explored, possibly because it is near a massive graveyard complex.

Sunken Ship
Durga discovered a map of the sunken ship that had what appeared to be all the entrances marked with warnings. This seems to indicate that the ship has never been explored because of the certain death warnings. Some of the party explored the upper deck and forward cabin of the ship and learned that an entity has “possessed” the entire ship and is pulling it into the aethereal realm. The party has yet to explore the lower hold of the ship for fear of the strange mist.

Completed Quests & Party Objectives:

Sunken Ship
The party partially explored the upper deck and forward cabin of the sunken ship.

Binker’s Deals
The party succeeded in obtaining the honey of the giant bees living in the cavern.

Orson’s Cave
The party removed two of the bugbears that had removed Orson from his cave, including the leader Uzumati.

Bullywug Eggs
This is an ongoing side quest. Thus far the party has discovered six Bullywug eggs and returned them to Mugley.

Spider Slaves
The party has set free a number of the spiders that had been controlled by the spider goblin tribe instead of killing them.


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